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Shell Scripting


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Week 1: Introduction to Shell Scripting

Introduction to shell scripting and basic concepts
Shell commands and command-line arguments
Variables and data types
Basic control structures: conditionals and loops
Exercises and assignments to practice

Week 2: Advanced Shell Scripting

Week 3: Debugging and Error Handling

Week 4: Scripting for System Administration

Week 5: Advanced Scripting Concepts

About Course

Shell scripting is a way to write programs using the command line interface (CLI) of a Unix-like operating system. A shell script is a set of instructions that a user can run to automate tasks or perform a series of commands in a batch. In this way, shell scripting is a useful tool for system administrators and power users who need to manage complex systems or perform repetitive tasks.

The shell is a program that provides a command line interface to the user. It allows users to interact with the system by entering commands, which the shell interprets and executes. The most common shell used in Unix-like operating systems is the Bash shell.

In a shell script, commands are written in a text file with a .sh extension. The first line of a shell script is called the shebang and tells the system which shell to use to execute the script. For example, #!/bin/bash tells the system to use the Bash shell.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to shell scripting
  • Variables, control structures, and functions
  • Text processing and regular expressions
  • File I/O, process management, and system administration
  • Hands-on exercises and projects

Material Includes

  • Live Classes
  • 100% Online Course
  • Hands-on Project
  • Shareable Certificate


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Material Includes

  • Live Classes
  • 100% Online Course
  • Hands-on Project
  • Shareable Certificate

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