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3D Computer Vision: Geometry, Representation, and Registration


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Week 1-2: Introduction to 3D Computer Vision

Overview of 3D Computer Vision applications and challenges
Basics of 3D coordinate systems, transformations, and projections
Point cloud data and representation

Week 3-4: Point Cloud Processing and Filtering

Week 5-6: Surface Representations and Reconstruction

Week 7-8: Stereo Vision and Depth Estimation

Week 9-10: 3D Object Recognition and Tracking

Week 11-12: Advanced Topics and Project Work

About Course

3D computer vision refers to the process of extracting information about the 3D world from 2D images or video. This is a challenging task, as it involves recovering the shape, position, and orientation of objects in a scene, as well as their relationships to each other.


The geometry of 3D computer vision involves the mathematical modeling of objects and their relationships in three-dimensional space. This includes concepts such as geometric transformations, camera models, and triangulation.


The representation of 3D objects in computer vision involves the creation of a digital model of the object that can be used for analysis and manipulation. This can be done using a variety of techniques, including point clouds, meshes, and volumetric representations.


Registration is the process of aligning multiple 3D models of the same object or scene. This is important in many applications, such as tracking the motion of an object over time or combining multiple scans of a scene to create a complete 3D model.

Overall, 3D computer vision has numerous applications in fields such as robotics, augmented reality, and medical imaging. It continues to be an active area of research, as new techniques and algorithms are developed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of 3D reconstruction and analysis.

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  • 100% Online Course
  • Hands-on Project
  • Shareable Certificate


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Material Includes

  • Live Classes
  • 100% Online Course
  • Hands-on Project
  • Shareable Certificate

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